Established in 1995 DJ Chris Tofu has become a pioneer of
Vintage Remix and the UK Festival scene, sharing his obsession
with all things remixed and raucous with jumping crowds
across the globe! From Glastonbury to Istanbul this
musical maverick is constantly exploring, discovering and
creating new sounds and new experiences, mixing up the
formula for good vibe pie!

I’m a true believer that DJ’ing is as much about “vibe” and
communicating with an audience as endless technical skill. I just
love music that remixes the ancient and the new. Sometimes
that makes me really obscure, sometimes pioneering but
whatever happens, the audience generally gets it.”

Tofu has two lives; as a world renowned DJ and as the
programmer and director of thousands of events and artists in
some of the most legendary clubs and festival stages and even
whole festivals, providing him with the canvas to try all these
crazy new remixed discoveries. Enticing the crowds to jump over
barriers (both physical and metaphorical) and get down to new
and unusual sounds is the main Tofu goal.

He has been involved in hundreds of festivals with the official
title of Chief Vibes Master at the likes of Glastonbury (where he
runs Shangri La and programmed for Lost Vagueness),
Bestival, Edinburgh Fest , Sydney Festival, Revolution Festival,
Boomtown, Lattitude, Lowlands, Wilderness, Shambala and
Secret Garden Party to name a few…


“Throughout my musical life I have in some way been pursuing a
remix of ancient cultures and new styles… We call this Vintage
Remix, whether that’s ancient Soul re tooled, Electro Swing,
Gospel Remix, Bass Cumbia, Reggae Reworked, Electro Blues etc.
It’s all about the Vintage Remix!”

This came into a new direction with his signing to Island Records
with the amazing job of finding remixes for the back catalogue of
this classic label and representing the Vintage Remix brand.


Chris Tofu started two legendary clubs, White Mink and Electro
Swing Club, one a fully immersive experience straight out of
Moulin Rouge the other a cauldron of all new things 1920’s to
1950’s remixed. At the Festivals he runs at least 14 stages at
some of Europe’s main events dedicated to Vintage Remix
sounds, film, and dance, always different.

Check Out White Mink



Chris Tofu really likes to DJ, he has played up to 8 hour sets at major
festivals, will often play all night BUT more and more really
appreciates bringing as much humanity to his music as possible,
by adding Brass Sections, Top Break and Swing Dancers all the
way to dressing as a Turkey or other animals, anything to make a
difference, to make a vibe that celebrates the weird and

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Check out DJ Chris Tofu & The Brass Funkeys
@ Bestival 2015